Proactive Education CRM System

Proactive is 'Working with schools, academies and colleges to deliver high quality work opportunities to young people.

We've build the CRM system which does the following:

  • Management of over 3000 organisations with all the necessary informaiton along with the login facility so that organisations can log in and manage their profile, see students attending their placements, see the status of Health and Safety documents, other important documents downloads facility and give feedback to the students.
  • Organisations can manage their placements too  with job descriptions and other related informations.
  • Schools/institutions can be managed and teachers information can be maintained.
  • Schools can login and manage their students and lots of student and placement related functions can be managed by schools.
  • So as you can see this is a comprehensive portal for organisaitons, schools, students and for Proactive educations and this is used proactively by all the parties involved and we are extriemly satisfied with the standard we set for customised CRM system.