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Proactive Education CRM System

Proactive is 'Working with schools, academies and colleges to deliver high quality work opportunities to young people.

We've build the CRM system which does the following:

  • Management of over 3000 organisations with all the necessary informaiton along with the login facility so that organisations can log in and manage their profile, see students attending their placements, see the status of Health and Safety documents, other important documents downloads facility and give feedback to the students.
  • Organisations can manage their placements too  with job descriptions and other related informations.
  • Schools/institutions can be managed and teachers information can be maintained.
  • Schools can login and manage their students and lots of student and placement related functions can be managed by schools.
  • So as you can see this is a comprehensive portal for organisaitons, schools, students and for Proactive educations and this is used proactively by all the parties involved and we are extriemly satisfied with the standard we set for customised CRM system.

S T A R S Student Performance System

Extra Learning UK approached Web Alliance 7 years ago for a request to create a simple registration form on the one page website and 6 years down the line now we've provided a comprehensive S T A R S system with 5 dynamic complicated websites in different educational sectors.

Web Alliance developed S T A R S for Extra Learning UK Limited in 2009. Extra Learning is using this software heavily over past 5 years to run the multiple centres in multiple countries and still can manage all the required data  and get the meaningful MIS reports in their desired manner.

This customised Student Management System has the following features:

Student Management with RAF for multiple centers
Batch ManagementrnBranches Management
Fee and Installment Management
And various MIS reports

Rich Diamonds New website gone live

dod-dle cloud accounting sytem

dod-dle has been designed to be easy to use and simple to understand whilst providing outstanding bookkeeping and accounting.  It uses a cloud based system which really means that it is based on a website that you can access on your computer, tablet or smart phone anywhere and at any time.

We are proud to be based in the UK where dod-dle was created and we source our suppliers, employ people, have our offices and host our servers all within the UK.  
The creator of dod-dle started designing the programme following the Chancellor’s announcement in the Spring budget of 2015 that all small businesses would be required to submit their accounts online in the future.  Other programmes appeared too complicated, or difficult to use without a degree in accounting or A Level mathematics. How would small business owners cope with the move to online accounting?
A creative team was born which included an accountant with over 15 years experience of dealing with small businesses and their tax affairs, a software developer with extensive experience of creating programmes including accountancy software and others such as a graphics designer and marketing experts.  One thing these people had in common is that they are all small business owners.  Just the sort of people that understand the needs of other small business owners.  
The team working on dod-dle took everything they knew about accounting, bookkeeping and software and then made the whole process (you’ve guessed it), easy to use and simple to understand.  This means that a lot of the clever stuff, such as working out your tax, or calculating percentages, goes on in the background.  All you have to do is answer a few straightforward questions.  We don’t use any long words that require specialist knowledge, we don’t need you to understand double entry (it’s an accounting term) and we make the whole process of keeping your books and records as simple as we can.  In fact, we don’t think anyone does it as well as we do.
We are also working closely with HMRC to ensure that when you are required to start filing your accounts online,dod-dle will be there to do that for you. 
We are adding new features as we go and will be bringing out other versions of dod-dle soon which will allow even more small businesses to get online and keep track of their business records with our easy to use and simple to understand programme.  So, join the revolution and sign up for your free trial of dod-dle today.

Five things to consider when getting a new website

Having an website is very good way of promoting your brand or the products or services you are selling, as it is the easiest way to reach targeted consumers with a straight-forward channel, and also very cheap and convenient way to depict the true picture. Internet is full of unlimited websites with a huge range of information, but the thing which is the most optimum to be used during the time of need. Same has to be considered when you design a new website, they website must portray a clear picture what you are trying to showcase to your targeted customers. So, you must choose the right web development company with a team of skilled web developer, web programmer for a website to be created. You invest a huge amount in taking your business to new heights, internet can help you through this. Once you have decided to take a decision and invest your hard earned money, you must consider a few things: 1. Choosing The Right Web Development Company: There are numerous website development company, but the thing is which one you choose so that you can get maximum output with minimal investment of money and time. For choosing the right company you can check for previous completed projects, you can view clients reviews and testimonial regarding the work being done, website hosting and domain name are important to be considered, meeting your expectation technically, discussions about project cost and time to complete the project and services after completion of project. 2. Purpose: Before you finalize a plan you must be clear with the purpose of creating the website, a failure design can lead visitors to disappointment and you can loose a potential customer. The design you choose must be according to the plan and in accordance to that outline picture must be framed, with keeping plan in mind you need to take the next step with activity points. So you must communicate the right message to your development company so that they can convey it to the audience perfectly. 3. Designing and Structure: Website design helps a lot when you are trying to create a customer base as a new website choosing right colors, right logo, right servers are important parameters. We are familiar with the fact that people prefer seeing pictures and videos which convey message easily rather than reading long texts with information. So using good quality pictures, videos and appropriate quantity of content are few consideration for a successful online business. You can add various pages at the front end like About US, Vision, Contact Us etc which helps customer understand the message easily. 4. Easy Navigation: The easier to navigate, the more chances of getting better business. No one would like sophisticated websites, if it takes more time to search for the relevant information it would result negative for the website. Keeping in mind that people can search your website directly or through various search engines, so keeping in mind both the parameters a successful website can be created. Few things that can be kept in mind are like URL structure, showcasing site categories, restrain from using intense graphics etc. 5. Right Search Engine Optimization: SEO plays an important role in over all development from the beginning of the project, focusing only on design and structure won't work if the content is not appropriate and proper marketing has not been done. Site ranking on search engines depends on many factors such as time taken by a page to load, using appropriate keywords, following the compliance guidelines etc. Coding plays an important role as search engines recognize text and codes not graphics, so you need to make sure that search engine spiders are easily able to crawl your site with the help of proper web coding.

Hack Proof Websites

Some day or the other we come to hear about a website being hacked. No one wants any suspicious activity on their website. Hackers are attacking website to steal precious customer information or to harm database or hacking important passwords etc. According to Google, it reports around 10000 new hacking sites everyday in which half of them are sites by professional hackers. Small and large business enterprises both have the risk of being getting hacked, but small enterprises are more on the risk, as they can not afford that technology and expertise to make their site secure which large enterprises easily can. At Web Alliance we make sure that our clients get uninterrupted services which are free from any malicious activities by hackers. Some or the other time people have to face this issue but being on safer side is fairly better idea. As we all know prevention is better than cure, so we make sure that website security is on optimum level from the beginning. Few important things to be considered in order to make site hack proof are: 1. Strong and Safe Passwords: The first thing hackers do is to steal passwords of web software and FTP servers. Hackers are smart enough and they are familiar with predictable passwords which people generally use, avoid names, birth dates etc as these are on the higher verge of getting hacked. Anti virus plugin can be used for protecting your site. 2. Updated Software: Security backdrops in web software can be easily hacked by hackers, generally hacking is done through blogs or Content Management System(CMS). Regular updates are sent by content management system which contains important security enhancements, so updating with the latest version is essential. 3. Google's Web Master Tools: Google keeps an eye on any sort of malware practice and notifies you before any further damage if you are registered with Google webmaster service. This service not only provides precise details of the problems but also makes sure you are free from the the threat of blacklisting before it occurs.

Digital Marketing, how it should be

In the world of Information Technology we are moving rapidly to the digital world. So what should be the right Digital Marketing ways and how it helps grow your business is important in every aspect. People are using internet not only to communicate but business houses are using internet as a digital marketplace with n number of competitors, and digital marketing is playing an important role in order to connect to large number of audience to let organizations achieve the right goals and generate marketing leads for the organisation. Digital Marketing or e-marketing is basically advertising of business and brand promotion with the different channels like social media, websites, radio, mobile etc. Many of us get confused considering digital marketing as Search Engine Optimization(SEO), fairly speaking SEO and SMO are only parts of online marketing rather and amalgamation of all sorts of online marketing methods which are being used to promote your business or website. The reason why digital marketing is important as you can connect to a large audience as it can provide prospect client with all the relevant information under a single roof. This in return will help decision making for client easy and to think of continuing business relation further. There are few important parts of digital marketing before one should make any decision: 1. Choosing the right Content. 2. Email Marketing 3. Functional, Responsive and Informative Web Design 4. Right and Organic Search Engine Optimization 5. Active on Social Media

Responsive Web Design

Web designs have changed amazingly fast in the recent past, with the changing user trend over the past several years web developers are also making efforts to make website more user friendly. Responsive web design or mobile website is the way by which web pages adjust themselves in accordance to the device which are being used to access whether it's laptop, smartphone or tablet etc. While designing a responsive web design coding is done to give optimal use over available devices with adjustable images, text, navigation elements and the most import part User Interface. So, responsive web design is necessary to keep yourself alive in the competitive world. Now it has become important to have a responsive design as the trend shows that 75% users navigate through smartphones or tablet, that's a lot of people. At Web Alliance with our team of expert web programmer, web developers and web designers we work and each and every element of a successful design. It would be better to have one unique design for different types of devices rather than having different websites. Firstly, it saves a lot of precious money and time, yet responsive sites are a bit costly as compared to normal websites, but it would cost lower if you opt two different sites. It leads to reduction of total development cost as well in long run the cost of maintaining for different sites separately such as desktop and mobile versions is reduced. More importantly responsive web designs do not have any boundaries, they can be used on any type of device whether its iPhone, iPad, Windows phone or Android Devices, so publisher need not to build versions for different devices.

Essential Things for eCommerce Websites

Internet has been widely used by business and organizations to promote their products and services with the help of eCommerce websites. No matter whether the business is small or big online shopping is in buzz, which not only helps in creating a brand image but also lets you reach more customers. Only great looks of a website are not enough to acquire the right aims, but you need to follow the right ethics associated with it. Before starting the work with the development company you choose, you need to think as an individual user, what would you expect from what you see. Keeping in mind that you break all the geometrical boundaries and target the audience with ease. Some important elements that an eCommerce website must have are: 1. Easy Navigation through the Categories: Keeping in mind the design element, one should carefully choose the design with proper consultation with web developers. Customer must easily reach the product or service he/she is looking for, this can be done by showcasing the right things under set-defined categories. 2. Mobile Sites: One must keep in mind the trend of customers way of shopping, it has been observed that 75% of shopping is done through either tablets or smartphone rather than desktop computers or laptop. So, a site which is responds in accordance with the accessible device is a must have for your online business. Adaptation of mobile apps is also increasing day by day, but being it quite expensive, having a responsive site is a better option 3. Right Product Description and Images: Description and images play important role, if you fail to explain your product correctly or the image used to describe the products are not appropriate you can lose a customer easily. So, having good quality picture with the option to enlarge images and see every bit of the product is a must have for your website. Same is the case with products specification, putting product dimensions, weight are some major elements. 4. Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Links: SEO plays an important role, companies provide SEO services keeping in mind the targeted keywords which can lift your ranking among search engines, using the appropriate content, refrain from copying texts from other sites are few major key elements of a successful online business. Whereas social media is crucial, 20% of customer base is directly from Facebook, Twitter etc, as these are the fastest source to reach customers. So, providing links and advertising through social media is a key fatcor. 5. Shipping Charges: No one likes to pay excess on shipping or rather would love to get free shipping. It can affect customers decision up to a huge extent whether to buy or not, so keeping the shipping charges to minimal above certain amount of purchase or no shipping charges  is a great idea. Not only charges, but delivering the products on time is important, an earliest delivery would be appreciated more rather than delayed one.

Advantages of Cloud Accounting Software

Cloud accounting simply refers to follow the art of book keeping or accounting online with the use of internet. Gone are the days when business houses need to maintain N numbers of books for accounting. With the the acceleration of world towards IT sector, online accounting is gaining more and more importance as it is very reliable, safe, saves time, money and most important hard disk space. The only thing needed is a high speed web access so that storage of important documents can be done quickly with the available online services like Dropbox and Google Drive. Day after day companies are developing accounting software which makes it a very viable option. These software are available on trial basis, which means one can simply get familiar to basics of the software before making any further development. Few basic reasons why one should opt for an online accounting software are: 1. The first and foremost thing is that high end cloud software are safe just like online banking, they create backups of necessary files and data, so chances of loosing precious data due to any sever error or virus is minimal. 2. These accounting software are updated on regular basis free of cost. The fee you pay either monthly or yearly is other part, but you always have a newest version unlike desktop software which require regular updates. 3. Anytime, anywhere access, you need not to go to your business premises for any urgent access to the accounts. You can simply use your home computer or even your smartphones and tablets for 24X7 access on real time basis. 4. This online accounting software is also very user friendly, no requirement of any special skill is needed for working on these software. So you have a better control over the financial situation of your business with a single click. 5. The most important advantage of these bookkeeping software is that it saves accounting fees, you just can't get rid of your accountant, you will need one or two depending upon the type of work. But as compared to manual accounting its curbs business expenses quite very well. At Web Alliance we also provide services related to bespoke software, which is completely designed and framed to suit ones business need with all the necessary additions.