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Setup Direct Debit

If you are offering credit on your products and services and monthly installments you would like to take via direct debit then web alliance can help in setting up automatic DD. Direct Debit is an automated payment method and the UK's favourite way to make payments automatically. Formally, the person who directly draws the funds instructs his or her bank to collect an amount directly from another's bank account designated by the payer and pay those funds into a bank account designated by the payee. Before the payer's banker will allow the transaction to take place, the payer must have advised the bank that he or she has authorized the payee to directly draw the funds. It is also called pre-authorized debit (PAD) or pre-authorized payment (PAP). After the authorities are set up, the direct debit transactions are usually processed electronically. Direct debits are typically used for recurring payments.

At Web Alliance we provides an optimised flow for your customers to create new DDIs online, In this DDIs customer setup flow is optimised with simple online payment pages, all submitting mandates are handled on your behalf and DDI management is automated in response to messages.

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