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The Clinic MK Live Now

Web Alliance has made its latest project http://theclinicmk.com/ live for audience who are expecting some good health facilities in UK. The Clinic MK provides doctors service for which provides tests facilities, treatment and advice to its patients who are located in and around Milton Keynes. The services we provide are all non-emergency service and are very affordable at very low prices as compared to other clinics in UK. Our dedicated staff handles individuals, families and business with full attention and due care, we completely understand the expectation of our patients. The Clinic MK is managed by Resuscitate Medical Services Limited. MK clinic is provides many services which includes Private GP, sexual health, full health screens, travel clinic, pregnancy scans, obstetrics and gynecology, podiatry, cardiology and other general surgeries.

Visit The Clinic MK for more info regarding services and appointments.


SEO in Simple Steps

Search Engine optimization is the back bone of any website it is most difficult and one of the most important for perfect article and blogs, it is necessarily important to follow the the right methods to nail it perfectly, but with Google in reference it is never easy. At Web Alliance we keep in mind the major and most important SEO techniques, here are few in our blog.

1. Keywords: Over use of keywords or less use may resist your article or content to gain the perfect spot on google. It is always recommended that writing content in your own words is the best i.e. be original and write free flowing content.

2. Title: Placing the most searched keyword of yours as close to the beginning of the title in order to make search engines to find your website or blog, keywords are the easiest way to connect traffic to the website they seek.

3. Image alt Tag: Images tags is what a server reads, make sure servers do not see images they read the alt tag placed in the image. Alt tags are the another best way by which search engines bring traffic to your websites, articles or blogs. So, next time do remember to use alt tag for images.

4. Header Optimization: Header 1 is the best place where you can place your researched keywords, as it is the spot which Google will take into reference for your post or blog. Possibly Google will also crawl to H2 and H3, so keep the content perfectly well with proper keywords.

Latest Web Design Trends

Having the right design for your website is an important element of a successful eCommerce business, the layout your choose fro your website needs to be innovative and interactive. Layout covers all the important aspect such as images, content and information which you put on your web page. Recent trends show that trend have shifted to heavy background with vast amount of content rather than sticking to minimalist themes. Implementation of latest trend and techniques for designing your website keeps your business competitive in the terms of marketing and SEO. Areas which are gaining attention in web designing are ghost buttons which is a button with a border and a transparent background color or hidden menu bars are being brought in practice by PHP developers.

At Web Alliance we are familiar with the fact that a well designed and presented website design will generate more revenue and sales as long as customers feel easy to use and responsive. Other important aspect such as color scheme, content positioning, optimization are major aspects of latest web design trends for a successful eCommerce website.

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