Web Alliance - Common Mistakes by PHP Developers

Common Mistakes by PHP Developers

Nowadays most of the website are based on PHP platform, the reason being PHP being easy to use, faster and more productive programming language for complex tasking and new ideas. PHP being an open source scripting language suited for WEB development and can be written in HTML. It is quite to easy to find recreate codes, a person having little bit knowledge of C language and understand HTML or JavaScript can easily begin with PHP programming. Being the most commonly used language for programming, developers make plenty of mistakes during web development. Here are few common mistakes which are seen often:

1. Choosing censured MySQL extension.

2. Restrained use of PHP Data Objects.

3. Remember to Remove Development Configurations.

4. Be authentic with your Framework.

5. Not able to Rewrite URLs.

6. Conditions Assignment.

7. Conceal Errors.