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Essential Things for eCommerce Websites

Internet has been widely used by business and organizations to promote their products and services with the help of eCommerce websites. No matter whether the business is small or big online shopping is in buzz, which not only helps in creating a brand image but also lets you reach more customers. Only great looks of a website are not enough to acquire the right aims, but you need to follow the right ethics associated with it. Before starting the work with the development company you choose, you need to think as an individual user, what would you expect from what you see. Keeping in mind that you break all the geometrical boundaries and target the audience with ease. Some important elements that an eCommerce website must have are:

1. Easy Navigation through the Categories: Keeping in mind the design element, one should carefully choose the design with proper consultation with web developers. Customer must easily reach the product or service he/she is looking for, this can be done by showcasing the right things under set-defined categories.

2. Mobile Sites: One must keep in mind the trend of customers way of shopping, it has been observed that 75% of shopping is done through either tablets or smartphone rather than desktop computers or laptop. So, a site which is responds in accordance with the accessible device is a must have for your online business. Adaptation of mobile apps is also increasing day by day, but being it quite expensive, having a responsive site is a better option

3. Right Product Description and Images: Description and images play important role, if you fail to explain your product correctly or the image used to describe the products are not appropriate you can lose a customer easily. So, having good quality picture with the option to enlarge images and see every bit of the product is a must have for your website. Same is the case with products specification, putting product dimensions, weight are some major elements.

4. Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Links: SEO plays an important role, companies provide SEO services keeping in mind the targeted keywords which can lift your ranking among search engines, using the appropriate content, refrain from copying texts from other sites are few major key elements of a successful online business. Whereas social media is crucial, 20% of customer base is directly from Facebook, Twitter etc, as these are the fastest source to reach customers. So, providing links and advertising through social media is a key fatcor.

5. Shipping Charges: No one likes to pay excess on shipping or rather would love to get free shipping. It can affect customers decision up to a huge extent whether to buy or not, so keeping the shipping charges to minimal above certain amount of purchase or no shipping charges  is a great idea. Not only charges, but delivering the products on time is important, an earliest delivery would be appreciated more rather than delayed one.